My name is Theresa E. Garcia. I am a Hispanic pansexual neo-pagan trans woman (MtF). I'm also a video game nerd, an anime fanatic, a furry and a sociologist. Most importantly I am a writer. I want to and have started to write everything. I have written novels(some unfinished), comic book scripts (that never got drawn), machinema scripts (never filmed), screen plays, video game scripts, short stories, poems (on very rare occasion) and even a song or two.

My favorite games are mostly Nintendo games. I love Mario, Zelda and Metroid the most. Zelda II is my all time favorite game. But I also adore RPGs. Mass Effect is one of my favorites. I'm an old role player, mostly Dungeons and Dragons but also sometimes Vampire: The Masquerade and Star Wars RPG.

My favorite writers are Mary Shelley and Helen Boyd. I aspire to be more like Helen.

The film makers I'm most inspired by are George A. Romero, Alfonso Cuarón and Alfred Hitchcock.

Other than writing stuff that often doesn't get finished I also write a gender/video game blog (two subjects that don't often get grouped together). I occasionally write freelance for NintendoEnthusiast.com and GamingEnthusiast.net.

At the moment I'm working on a B.A. in sociology at UTB but hope to move on to get a second B.A. in Women's and Gender Studies from UT in Austin. If that goes well, I will go for an M.A in Women's and Gender Studies.